We, Advanced Centrifugals supply our products to people all over the world today. In our business, it is increasingly important for us to utilize personal information provided by our customers in order to offer the best services possible.

At the same time, we are fully aware that we must manage this personal information properly and keep it secure so that no information is ever leaked. We know that any such leakage would cause us to lose the trust of our customers and the reputation of Advanced Centrifugals would be seriously damaged. Therefore, Advanced Centrifugals is working to make sure that our customers' personal information is kept secure at all times.

For this purpose, we have established the Advanced Centrifugals Privacy Policy. We, Advanced Centrifugals, are fully aware of the importance of privacy protection and will continue to make every effort to abide by the rules of this privacy policy to ensure that the personal information acquired from our customers is managed properly and protected.

Advanced Centrifugals

  1. Restriction of the scope of collection
    Advanced Centrifugals will collect personal information by setting the clear purposes, which shall be relevant to good business activities, and to the extent necessary for achieving such purposes.

  2. Restriction of use
    Unless otherwise agreed by the individual or permitted by law, personal information shall not be used for any purpose other than those noticed to or agreed by the individual.

  3. Restriction of collection
    Personal information shall be collected by fair and lawful means and, where appropriate, with the notice to or consent of the individual for the purposes for which it would be used.

  4. Accuracy of the data, etc.
    In case of holding personal information, Advanced Centrifugals will keep it to meet the purposes of use, as well as to keep it accurate, secure and up-to-date.

  5. Security
    Advanced Centrifugals, in holding personal information, will take any reasonable security measures to prevent such risks as disclosure, loss or destruction of the data.

  6. Non-disclosure of data
    All employees of Advanced Centrifugals will recognize the importance of protecting personal information and make every effort to prevent its disclosure.

  7. Individual participation
    If personal information should be collected, an individual may request the whereabouts and may view of the contents of his/her own data, and shall retain the right to lodge a protest against its contents.

  8. Compliance
    Advanced Centrifugals will comply with all privacy laws and regulations of the countries where they exist, as well as the provisions in this Privacy Policy.

  9. Utilizing personal information
    Upon complying with the above provisions, Steeltech will utilize personal information provided by customers in order to offer better services to them.